Industrial wastewater treatment solution inspired by nature: microalgae

Circularity, the backbone of the process

ZENI is an impact-driven company that offers a solution inspired by nature, microalgae, for sustainable and circular water management in industries.

Our solution is based on the ability of microalgae to purify water (treat nitrates, phosphates and other pollutants).

It allows wastewater to be reclaimed by producing:
treated water that can be reused
microalgae suitable for valorization.
It supports manufacturers in their environmental transition.

“Our biomimetic solution provides a dual ecological and economic benefit, through the production of reusable treated water and valorizable biomasses.”
Jean-Michel Pommet

The benefits of our solution

Zeni reclaims wastewater, making it possible to preservve natural resources and produce high-value-added algal biomass for agriculture and animal feed. 


Water treatment process based on nature, microalgae, for:

  • the recycling of nutrients in the biomass produced
  • Water reuse


Fast ROI due to microalgae production :

  • Income generated from biomass sales 
  • Water savings 
  • Energy savings 

“At Zeni, Innovation and competitiveness are at the core of our project to tackle environmental challenges with a solution adapted to manufacturers”
Marie-Caroline CUNZE

Our technology

A photobioreactor, an industrial and innovative microalgae cultivation system

Compact photobioreactor​

Innovative light management system

Robust and competitive process

“As Deeptech-labelled, we are at the forefront of research and development, collaborating with industrial and institutional partners to deploy solutions that address environmental challenges.”
Guillaume TANGUY

Our management team

Des fondateurs qualifiés, complémentaires et passionnés

Jean-Michel POMMET

Founder & CEO, PhD

Marie-Caroline CUNZE

Sales and Projects Director, Ing

Guillaume TANGUY

Technical/R&D Director, PhD

We accompany you throughout your wastewater valorization project.

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Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Ensuring access for all to water and sanitation, and ensuring sustainable management of water resources

Preserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development

Preserve and restore terrestrial ecosystems

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